We specialize in tools for wireless network measurement & analysis.

Whether for cellular or Wi-Fi or both, Io Analytics make it easy to...

  • Test networks

    Test networks

    Measure cellular & Wi-Fi networks manually or remotely.

  • Analyze in the Cloud

    Analyze in the Cloud

    Send results to the cloud for analysis, sharing & export.

  • Perfect your deployment

    Perfect your deployment

    Use results to audit & optimize your network operations.

Io Analytics from Nubolabs

Io Analytics is our next-generation analytics platform that provides maximum flexibility for collecting and assessing network performance and quality metrics both manually and autonomously.

Android App

Survey runs as an ‘agent’ on consumer Android smartphones to provide a cost-effective method for manually gathering cellular and Wi-Fi network measurements in the field – both indoor and outdoor – and sending metrics back to the cloud-based Io platform for analysis and reporting.

Autonomous Probe Hardware

For unattended network monitoring in a mobile or static environment, the Probe 1RW is rugged, stand-alone device that automatically performs a suite of tests, gathering wireless network data to the Io platform on a predefined schedule.

Cloud-based Analytics

Io is a robust, highly-scalable platform capable of supporting an unlimited number of Android or Probe agents, and producing near real-time insight of cellular and Wi-Fi wireless network performance, with KPI-based alerts based on pre-defined rules. Io Analytics give you complete network visibility and the power to assess network health and identify issues before your customers do.


“Survey allows our customers to carefully plan their M2M & IoT installations by providing detailed information about the coverage, quality and performance of Wi-Fi and 4G networks.”
Rob Taylo
- CEO, Singlepoint Communications