For Network Operators.

Cellular and Wi-Fi network analysis has traditionally been the domain of expensive hardware and software, available only to particular teams within an operator’s organization. The Io Analytics product family introduces a whole new way to equip every Sales Engineer and Field Technician with tools to quickly and easily evaluate data network availability and quality. Io Analytics helps network operators to:

  • Compare 3G UMTS & 4G LTE performance on a variety of different Android handsets
  • Contrast your network with competitors in the same area
  • Collect regional intelligence on broadband coverage, in-building penetration & throughput
  • Evaluate consistency of network quality over specific periods of time
  • Identify potential ‘not spots’ requiring escalation and more detailed investigation
  • Plan heterogenous networks (HetNets) utilizing small cells for macrocell and in-building coverage augmentation

For System Integrators.

Designing solutions that utilize cellular broadband and/or Wi-Fi for enterprise and industrial IoT connectivity requires a deep understanding of comparative network performance and quality. Io Analytics helps system integrators to:

  • Make an informed decision on which network or combination of networks to use
  • Determine optimal placement of cellular M2M/IoT devices for best signal & throughput
  • Provide customers with detailed reports using Survey data and graphs
  • Maintain regular testing for assessment of ongoing network health with Survey or Probe

For Mass Transit.

Broadband connectivity on mass transit is becoming increasingly sought-after for a wide range of applications including passenger Wi-Fi, e-ticketing, passenger information systems, streaming CCTV, and condition-based monitoring of on-board systems. The majority of these on-vehicle networks are using celluar data for backhaul. Survey helps transport operators and regional transit authorities to:

  • Assess coverage and throughput along road & rail routes, manually or autonomously
  • Identify dead spots where connectivity is poor or absent
  • Determine the best network or combination of networks for always-on connectivity
  • Fine tune CCTV systems for video streaming based on uplink availability
  • Remotely monitor wireless network conditions on board a fleet with multiple Probes
  • Assess the passenger experience of on-board Wi-Fi services

For Public Safety.

Whether connecting public safety vehicles for mobile broadband, or preparing for 4G LTE 700MHz Band 14 deployment, Io Analytics is the perfect platform for planning and coordinating usage of commercial and public safety spectrum. Io Analytics helps public safety organizations to:

  • Evaluate data coverage, performance and quality on 700MHz Band 14 Android handsets
  • Assess outdoor/indoor data coverage & throughput within geographic operational areas
  • Identify data dead spots that may affect officers’ ability to communicate effectively
  • Plan hybrid networks that utilize both commercial and public safety radio infrastructure