Probe Overview.

The Probe 1RW from Nubolabs is a rugged, autonomous network monitoring device designed for the transportation environment. Probe provides always-on, unattended testing of Wi-Fi and wired network performance and quality, reporting directly into the cloud-based Io Analytics platform. Together they provide unparalleled visibility of network operational health, end-user experience, and tracking against KPIs.

Probe is a stand-alone unit that provides an autonomous alternative to the popular Survey app for Android, so that network monitoring can be carried out remotely with needing a truck roll to send someone on-site. Probe can be permanently installed in vehicles such as buses, trams, light rail, and commuter and freight trains, or public safety and delivery fleets to continuously monitor network quality and performance and help identify issues as they occur.

Download the Probe 1RW PDF brochure, or contact Nubolabs for a demonstration.

How Probe works.

Nubolabs Probe is designed for permanent or semi-permanent installation in vehicles, or fixed environments that require a rugged IP66-rated hardware device. Probe continuously collects wireless and wired network metrics on a pre-defined schedule and sends it to your Io Probe account in the cloud, where you can view the detailed results in near-real time using a friendly graphical interface. You can deploy multiple Probes to conduct simultaneous monitoring and testing in different locations to get a deep understanding of network performance and quality.

Io Probe – live monitoring and alert reporting

Overview is the main page of Io Probe that shows metrics for a selected Probe device over time, including signal strength, throughput, latency, packet loss and jitter. On other IO pages, you can set alerts for when key metrics fall below user-defined levels, and automate measurements of Wi-Fi user experience. You can collect multiple probes in groups for easier management, and create a suite of tests for each Probe to run to a specific schedule. Io Probe provides continual 24/7/365 monitoring of wireless network operations in the field wherever they may be.

Probe Screenshot